We welcome Alja

Dear all

Our new priest Alja will have her first service now on Sunday the 6th at 11.00. Let’s give her a warm welcome on Sunday!

Alja is Dutch and has a daughterfamily with grandson in Karlstad. She arrived to stay in the chaplain’s flat on Thursday and a few of us were there to welcome her, it became a warm and hopeful looking into the future!

The flat has been rejuvenated by a handful of volunteers who have planed, cleaned and rearranged the flat to make it fresh and light for when Alja came. Jeanette, Mathew, Monica, Sabu, Steven and me. See these photos taken by Sabu.

The Church is sanitised and please seat yourself with distancing, unless you are a family. Those of you who stay at home taking care, will be able to listen to the service afterwards on our webpage and through our Facebook. Also Alja will call around to those in caranteen in the coming.

Warmly welcome on Sunday. We pray our loving God for God’s blessings for Alja and the congregation Amen

Tomas Fredén
Church Warden