A Year in Gothenburg – December

5 My last pilgrimage walk here, Angardsberget to Botaniska. There were four of us.

6 Baptism at Family Communion, then the Hakarp caol service in the evening..

11 I said a few words of welcome at Handelshogskola’s Lucia celebration in Haga church.  Slightly less weird than usual – no pointed hats.

13 African Roots sang at our service, and there was a church committee meeting afterwards.

16 The first of our two big carol services, with more than 20 in the choir, 9 readers, and a full house of 150 in church altogether.  Afterwards, a delightful meal and singsong at Solrosen with the Anglo-Swedish Society.

18 English School end-of-term concert, this year with the parents coming in two shifts because of the increased number of pupils.