Appeal in order to build a Glass Partition
at the back of the church

We are starting a plan for securing the necessary financing of a glass wall at the back of the church, which will enable us, among other things, to hold a Sunday School every Sunday. We have also applied for a grant that may help us. But we cannot afford to wait on possible grants since we consider it to be URGENT that we start the Sunday School as soon as possible.
We have commissioned the arkitekt to produce a more realistic cost analysis of the project and to produce drawings for the same.
The analysis shows that the total remaining cost ought to be about 440 500 kr. minus the 55 250 kr. already debited for the sketches needed for a preliminary approval by Länsstyrelsen.

Can you please help us

Bank Giro 781-4015
SEB account number 5001 1013370
SWISH number: 12 36 18 97 16
Please sign your payment with “Glass wall”

All donations are very welcome

Dear family and friends of St Andrews,

The long hot summer is over and we are enjoying some cooler weather as well as getting much-needed rain. I hope that this has alleviated the problem in the country over the forest fires. We can now look forward to the autumn and the changing season and enter in to a new time in the church. The long green season of Trinity will continue till the first of Advent but as you know the church year really begins at the same time of the Academic Year. A lot of people have been away this summer and now they’re returning and we once again enter into our life together as a community of faith witnessing to the life of Jesus Christ to our community.

Many things have happened in the life of the church largely as far as our infrastructure goes so I will share a few things about that with you now.

In June the committee voted to put the Surplus gained over the past year to some good use. The computer system and printer in the church office has been upgraded. A subcommittee has taken on the task of once and for all dealing with the mold problem which has bothered us for many years. Many of you as a result of the renovations in the church over the past winter have expressed a desire to petition off the back of the church with a transparent wall. During the construction of the new bathroom the old wooden wall which was temporarily constructed proved that the space at the back of the church could be utilized for things like Christian education. It would also give our families who bring children a place to take them during the service if they get restless. Another subcommittee took on the task of having the architect design several options around this and we finally came up with a plan  that seemed to make everyone happy and the city planning board has approved it. Right now it is being investigated as to how we will fund this project and we are reaching out to Grant awarding organizations to help us meet the cost. So more on that later as We Know what is available to us.

The Harvest Festival in our church will be celebrated on the 2nd of September at the morning service at 11 o’clock. Our tradition at St Andrews is that on the Friday before we will have a general cleaning of the church and on Saturday the church will be decorated for Sunday. Please talk to Anne Taylor if you have any questions. We can use all the help we can get to accomplish these tasks. On Sunday at the main service the children will be involved in bringing various food items to the altar to be blessed. I think it would be appropriate on that Sunday to use real baked bread for the communion. So don’t forget that will be Sunday the 2nd of September at the 11 service. And one last but most important note is that we will have a potluck Harvest dinner following the service. You are all asked to contribute some food item for that event. Thank you in advance it has always been a fun time and a good way of inaugurating the many events which will be taking place during the fall.  Also on the 2nd of September there will be a 9:30 service that morning as well.

Other events coming up are the International Service at the German Church on the 21st of October. Rememberance Sunday which will be celebrated on the 11th of November in our church with the British Ambassador to Sweden in attendance. Then on the 19th and 23rd of December will be the service of Lessons and Carols for  Advent and Christmas at 18:30 .And as usual on Christmas Day which will be Tuesday the 25th this year there will be the celebration of the Christmas morning Mass in the church at 11 am.

To all members of the committee please remember that there is a meeting following the service this Sunday the 26th of August.

Much is being planned for the Fall by many dedicated people for the various events which are taking place so if you wish to have more information please speak to the Wardens or myself as to how you might participate.

Many new people have shown themselves at the services over the summer and have come back and joined us. We welcome them as they enter into the life of our spiritual community.

The readings over the past Sundays may be summed up that in our relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ we are provided with what we need for our journey. The Gospel has reminded us that while we need food for the body we also need food for the soul. Jesus puts it this way in John’s Gospel I am the Bread of Life whoever eats this bread will never die. It is in our worship in the Bread and Wine on the altar that we have this brought home to us most significantly. In sharing the Bread and Wine we are given life in him and in each other. So join us and participate in the Heavenly Banquet God offers us. Food for Body and Soul.


David Bruce, Chaplain