A Year in Gothenburg – July

Saturday 4 July

Just two pilgrims walked from Skepplanda to Lödöse, the last section of the pilgrim route from Gothenburg opened in May 2015.  A pleasant enough walk, with a welcome stop at a golf course café, but short on resting places for a larger group.  Visited an exhibition on pilgrimage at Lödöse Museum, and met someone who had just returned from Santiago de Compostela.

Sunday 5 July

The last Sunday before my holiday.

Wednesday 8 July

Off to Rome, to walk the last section of St Francis Way (Spoleto to Rome) and then attend a course organized by the Anglican Centre.

Thursday 9 July

Andrew Wingate arrived to look after St Andrew’s in my absence.  Angela will join him later.

Sunday 26 July

Returned to a refreshingly cool Gothenburg just as church bells were ringing for 11:00 services.

Monday 27 July

Spent time with Andrew, catching up on things, then started working through my emails.

Wednesday 29 July

Officially back at work – Morning Prayer resumes.