A Year in Gothenburg – February

1 Candlemas

9.30 Holy Communion, because the 11.00 service was a Family Service without Communion. At both services, I told the children’s story about a minister who turned up at church on a stormy night, and the church lights helped a fisherman find his way safely to shore.   The usual ceremony of blessing candles, including the Easter candle, Gillian who will decorate it, and the paints she may use.

20.00 Taizé mass at Haga, the monthly-in-termtime service of the university chaplaincy team.

6 Cheese and Wine with TTT Auction

About 20 people attended the Cheese and Wine evening in Haga Café Beda.  All 30 auction lots were sold – a mixture of food, time and talents, and treasures.  A good time was had by all, and there was hardly any cheese (mostly English cheese from the English shop) left over.

7 Pilgrimage Walk on Vrångö

We arrived on Vrångö at 13:00, and found that most of last week’s snow had melted and a few snowdrops were in flower.  Five pilgrims and a dog walked round the northern loop, with a stop for lunch  by the beach, and returned just in time to catch the 15:15 boat back.

14 Quiet Day cancelled

Although several people had asked me to arrange for a Quiet Day, nobody wanted to come.  Fortunately we had kept the arrangements simple, just using St Andrew’s and the university chaplains’ rooms, so it was easy enough to cancel and go for a walk instead.

15 Church Committee meeting after the service

What with illness and the week’s halfterm holiday, we were a small group, and were able to sit around the table in the Children’s Corner, which seemed to encourage discussion.