A Year in Gothenburg – March

1 Following Jesus – a Family Service

Hymns chosen by the choir.  I balanced “O happy band of pilgrims” with “Through the night of doubt and sorrow”, talked about pilgrimage, and tried to get the children to do a “pilgrim walk – two steps forward and one step back” – the little ones didn’t want to do the one step back.  Afterwards, a first-time visitor asked if he could video next Sunday’s service – though I explained that what he had seen today was the exception rather than the rule.

University chaplains’ Taizé service at Haga church in the evening.  Almost the only such service where has been any kind of talk – this was from a visitor from Moldova who told us some harrowing stories about girls who had fallen victim to traffickers.

7 Pilgrimage Walk in Kungälv

6 participants from 5 countries, 10.5 km in 3 hours, along Bohusleden, the 5km marked path, and Kärlekstigen.  The theme, from Henry Morgan’s book Approaches to Prayer, was “Four meanings of ‘spring'”.

8 Lent 3

Ordered 100 palm crosses, which should be sufficient for this year and next.