A Year in Gothenburg – September

A very brief entry for this month, as I am writing it up at the end of October!

3-6  I attended the Deanery Chapter and Synod meeting in Helsinki, with our Lay Reps Jeanette and Cecilia joining me for the Synod meeting 4-6.  Beautiful conference centre in the woods, run by the Finnish Orthodox Church.

In my absence, Lars van der Heeg led a pilgrimage walk on Vrångö, and  Alan Taylor led a Service of the Word in St Andrew’s, on the theme of Healing.

13 The Church Committee meeting spent most of the time finalizing the chaplaincy profile and job specification to be sent to the Diocese.  I went through the remaining business in 30 minutes and then left them to get on with it, as I am not supposed to be involved in the process of appointing my successor.

26 Took a two-hour shift on the Pilgrim Centre’s stall at the Gothenburg Book Fair.  It was good to be able to chat to people about various pilgrimage experiences.