A Year in Gothenburg – June

June 4

Alan White came to church to collect the books left over from the bazaar.  We printed the June to August St Andrew’s Magazine – perhaps not quite in time to ensure everyone received their copies by the first Sunday of June.

June 6: Swedish National Day and Pilgrimage Walk, Kåsjön

Two Swedes and one Hungarian joined Heikki and myself for a walk round Prästtjärn – shorter and easier than walking to Skatås along Bohusleden.  One of them posted a photo on Facebook, which raised the comment “Looks cold”, to which the reply was “OK for walking, but there was no swimming.”  Back in town by 3, since one person wanted to attend the National Day service of prayer for the city and the nation in Götaplatsen.  I went for the first half-hour, but left when we were asked to pray in small groups.

June 7: First Sunday after Trinity

We used a service outline from the Royal School of Church Music to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (actually on June 15)  Keith gave a talk about the significance of the Magna Carta then and now.

June 8-12: Diocesan Synod

I was in Köln all week.  This meant that I missed a memorial service and a funeral, but both had been planned before I left.  The funeral was not in St Andrew’s, and while the original plan was that I should contribute some prayers in English, Gisela was happy to do that.  I shall write about Synod for the next issue of the magazine.

June 14

A busy Sunday morning. Leif sang the traditional Swedish summer hymns, and we had the draw for the Lottery afterwards.

Afterwards I went to Götaplatsen for the West Pride parade.  I thought it started at 2, and the square looked pretty crowded then.  But we did not move until 3, and my section (the Church at West Pride) was one of the last to leave, at 4.  It was a relief, after nearly 2 hours standing next to a noisy music stand, to start walking.  My Pentecost stole was admired for its rainbow colours.

June 17

The British Factory Committee met to discuss the students’ report on the condition of the church.

June 19

Rosa arranged a parish midsummer barbecue in Positivparken, but because of the weather it was in her flat.

June 21

More latecomers than usual this morning because many tramlines have been rerouted for trackwork.  In the evening I went to Masthuggskyrkan for the commissioning of a group of peace pilgrims (multifaith) and a depressing lecture about the Swedish arms trade.