Round Robin, 2nd August 2020

Dear all,

Thank you for a blessed, warm service the 26th of July, in the church or being with us in your prayers in your homes. Thanking David and Michael for their good works, now travelling home to their home countries. It was a good sermon, fellowship, food and deserts and nice talks. In my short speach I said that friendship is a most important thing, and that we were now losing 2 good friends.

Tuna sandwiches came from Binitha & Mathew. Spinach Fetaost from Monika. Beef cutlet from Jansi. Chicken salad from Gina. Cakes from Jeanette. Almond cake from Sonia & Willi. Silver crosses with necklace from a well wishing member. Hymn books from the congregation. We all wrote our names in the hymn books and David warmly, strongly blessed the crosses. At least 29 persons came.

Our new locum priest Alja will start her work with us Sunday the 6th of September. Until then there will be simpler services every Sunday at 11 excluding the Holy supper. Please contact me if you want to contribute with reading, prayer, poem, music or other ideas!

The ladies group have had appreciated meetings on zoom, please contact them if you are interested. The gardening group have nice meetings in the church garden every Saturday at 10. Welcome to join. Patrick now needs new members for the choir, due to travels and risk groups wisely taking care in their homes. Please contact him or simply show up Sundays at 10 in church at the choirrehersal. Let’s build our traditional stubborn choir strong again!

In these times our economy is going down and we are ever so grateful for all donations, generally or you can mark for specific areas. Donations can be given by swich, bancacount transfers or in church on Sundays. God bless you for this.

The services will be soundrecorded and placed afterwards on our webpage/facebook. We will research best way to video broadcast live for many at home while, for a long-term solution. The church is sanitised every Saturday and there is alcowash for our hands. Keep a distance of 1.5 meter. Follow the latest government regulations. If you belong to a riskgroup you shall promptly stay at home. Do not come to church if you feel sick. If you have any questions about the services or the corona situation about the church, contact me.

God’s rish blessings and warmly welcome to our services, in the church or in your homes.

Tomas Fredén
Church warden
0769 722 653