Round Robin 20/3 — worship at St. Andrew’s during Corona Crisis

Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew’s

As we continue on our Lentan journey together times like these causes us to take stalk of our lives and directions. I turn 72 in May and my contract here at St. Andrew’s is over at the end of the year. This has been cause for reflection for me and my life beyond St. Andrew’s.  

When the Archdeacon was here in January we discussed my future in the Diocese and while he made suggestions for me to consider I also informed him that two parishes in the Episcopal Church USA were considering me and wanted to have me come over to meet with them in February. I also informed the Senior Warden of my intentions and I appreciate the spiritual and moral support she gave me. 

Since I have returned I have  spoken to Bishop David, Archdeacon Leslie and the Church Wardens to inform them that I have accepted the call to serve as Rector of St. Andrew’s New Bedford,  Massachusetts. I will start there the 1st of September 2020. 

In June I will go home to start the process of moving and will be away the Sundays of the 7th and 14th. The Archdeacon said that he will try to be here then to discuss the transition process and fill in for those two Sundays. 

From the 20th of July to the 8th of August I will again take up Diocesan Duties as Chaplain in Balastrand Norway and will return for services here on the 9th. Andrew Wingate will return to take services at that time. 

My last Sunday at St. Andrew’s will be the 16th of August with the following two Sundays being my remaining vacation time which I will take to make the transition home.

Thank you for the 4 years which I have spent here with you and I wish you every blessing in your journey to the future.

Best Wishes, 
David Bruce,  Chaplain