A Year in Gothenburg – March

15 Mothering Sunday Family Communion with Baptism

Instead of the lectionary Old Testament reading for Mothering Sunday, I chose the story of Ruth and Naomi, read from the Big Bible Story Book.  Good congregation – 65 people in church.  We gave out sprays of forsythia for children to take round the women in the congregation.

18 String quartet at Midweek Mass

Excellent, and quite a change from the usual guitar music.  Those members of the quartet who were not familiar with the church were favourably impressed and asked if there were always so many young people in the congregation.

20 GKS (Göteborgs Kristna Samarbetsråd) Study Day

A half-day meeting in Smyrna Church on the World Council of Churches Report: “The Church: Towards a Common Vision”.  About 20 people there, from various congregations, working in various small groups.  Good level of participation, but no one seemed to have heard of the Lund principle “Do not do separately what you can do together.”

21 Musical Meditation for Lent and Passiontide

A Saturday evening service led by our organist Anna Steppler and five friends from Högskolan för Scen och Musik, with members of the congregation reading four poems. Excellent music, and much appreciated by those who came.  There were 32 people in church, an encouraging change from the tiny congregations we have had to “The Way of the Cross” and other Sunday evening services.  Marie Lygonis had sent details to the International Women’s Club – worth remembering to do this in future.

23 Bought hot cross buns

The English Shop had some in stock, so 2 dozen went straight from their freezer to mine, and I won’t have to make any this year.  One year on Maundy Thursday I discovered at the last minute the expected stocks were stuck somewhere between here and Stockholm, bought some yeast in Hemköp, but left it on the counter and had to wait till the shop opened at 9:00 on Good Friday to finish mixing the dough.  Not to be repeated – though they actually turned out well.