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Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Seven songs, seven composers, seven joys:

We are pleased to announce  Capella Scandia is repeating their successful debut concert on Saturday, 23rd February. Why not combine this with a shopping day and lunch in town?

The renaissance quartet Capella Scandia is visiting for the second time with their programme “The Seven Joys of Mary”, which collects Marian songs by different composers, interleaved with historical facts and thrilling adventures from the age of the compositions. Capella Scandia is a Capella ensemble of professional musicians, focusing on early music, and consists of Erica Banck (superius), Nóra Johansson Abaffy (altus), Christian Jarhult (tenor) and Erik Karlinius (bassus). (www.capellascandia.se)

Regina coeli laetare (excerpt)

An excerpt from our last rehearsal. Regina coeli by Agricola will also be the opening song of our first concert.

Posted by Capella Scandia on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Appeal in order to build a Glass Partition
at the back of the church

We are starting a plan for securing the necessary financing of a glass wall at the back of the church, which will enable us, among other things, to hold a Sunday School every Sunday. We have also applied for a grant that may help us. But we cannot afford to wait on possible grants since we consider it to be URGENT that we start the Sunday School as soon as possible.
We have commissioned the arkitekt to produce a more realistic cost analysis of the project and to produce drawings for the same.
The analysis shows that the total remaining cost ought to be about 440 500 kr. minus the 55 250 kr. already debited for the sketches needed for a preliminary approval by Länsstyrelsen.

Can you please help us

Bank Giro 781-4015
SEB account number 5001 1013370
SWISH number: 12 36 18 97 16
Please sign your payment with “Glass wall”

All donations are very welcome