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Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew’s,

I am sure you are all aware of the health crisis pertaining to Corona Virus gripping the world so I don’t need to get into this in any detail.

I write instead to inform you of change in policy regarding our central act of being as a Christian Community namily our worship each Sunday.
The Bishop has recommended that in compliance with the general policy in England and elsewhere that gatherings over 50 people be suspended for the time being untill the crisis abates. This is a recommemdation and not a mandate. Since our services in the past have usually drawn about fifty people and last Sunday we had about 15 I will continue to be in Church on Sundays to conduct worship untill ordered to cease to do so.
The service will still be the Eucharist with a few modifications .

1. Sit comfortably distant from others in order to ward off contact.

2. At the exchange of peace do so verbally but with no physical contact.

3. At communion receive only the bread, which in itself is a complete communion and for the blessing I will make the sign of the cross over the head of the receiver.

There will be hand sanitizer in the washroom and at the entrance of the Church. I will use this during the service when it comes time to administer the bread.

If you feel sick please stay home so as not linfect others. Take care of yourself above all else.

I feel that if common sense measures are exercized by everyone then this to shall pass.

I wish you all a productive Lent and a Happy Easter wherever we may be.

Best Wishes,

David Bruce, Chaplain

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