Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew´s,
One of the things I like about Christmas in Gothenburg is how before the 24th things become so quiet. Stores shut down and the streets have few people on them. Christmas is indeed a family holiday and the activity becomes concentrated in home as preparations are made. Very unlike where I come from where one is inundated with ads like Midnight Madness sales prompting to get that special gift at a drastically marked down price. Here the pre-Christmas hush brings on a sense of quiet expectation as we wait for him to be born in this world.

There are still things to be done I am sure but first I would like to thank all those who did so much to make the Service of Lessons and Carols so special Sunday night. The Church was full and I was greeted by many smiling faces as people left while I stood outside shaking hands.
Please invite your friends who may not have a place to go for church at this time and reach out to those in need or who are lonely. This time of year brings out so many emotions both Joyous and Sad. So reach out to others as God in Jesus comes to us and offers his hand to lead us on the way into the New Year.
With every Blessing,
David Bruce, Chaplain

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