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These words from the 20th century Pastor, Martyr,  Theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer strike me as being what  Lent is all about. Allowing this Lent to be a time to do God’s will.

We are reminded on Ash Wednesday which this year happens on March 6th that our time here is limited.  The Ashes imposed on our heads is a reminder that from the primordial elements we emerged and one day we will return to the cosmic dust which is our beginning. 

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”. 
So then what is the purpose of this sojourn which is our present life ,a question we might ask ourselves.  If you are like me you may have asked yourself this question many times over the years of your life especially when things didn’t go as you might have planned. But as we grow in wisdom we understand that what we planned isn’t necessarily how things were meant to be.

I think the answer might be found in scripture where it says,” God’s will is not our will, God’s ways are not our ways but we are here to do the will of the Father who sent us.”

Lent is a time of reflection when we may seek the will of the Father through personal prayer, reflection and listening to the still quiet voice of God in our hearts.  

As we seek to find God’s will for us be courageous knowing that ” to do God’s will on Earth is to do it in Heaven also.”

Opportunity will be given to keep a Holy and Blessed Lent at the following times. 
Ash Wednesday, March 6th, 1800 and Sunday March 10th  Imposition of Ashes and Eucharist. 
On Wednesday’s during Lent we will meet at the Church at 1800 hours for study and reflection on the Book, The Last Week by Marcus Borg . This book is a reflection  on Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem before his Passion. If you cannot attend this series may I suggest  you go to the Series “Keeping the Best Lent Ever” on the internet. 
The Services for Holy Week will be listed separately.

A Blessed and Holy Lent to all of you.
David Bruce, Chaplain

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