Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew’s,
I wanted to update you since I put together my message for the last Round Robin.
This Sunday is Harvest Festival and there is much going on and one revision to the Schedule of Services. Last Sunday we had the 10 am service so there will be no 10 am service this Sunday even though it is the 1st Sunday of the month.
Gillian will be at the Church at 9:30 on Saturday to open up to decorate for the Harvest Festival Service. We need volunteers to help with this including bringing flowers and vegetables and other items to decorate the church. If you have questions you may phone her @ 031 279270.
On Friday the church is open to the public. There is always a call for volunteers to help greet visitors who come in to look at the Church. I am usually there along with Ron, Gillian and others. I have been humbled by the response from people both who live in Gothenburg and from away who come in and ask questions. Often they will comment on what a beautiful church and one person said that the place feels so full of love. Visitors ask about our life as a community of faith and what we do and some have returned to worship with us . I even get inquiries regarding the pastoral services of the church. So this is one of our vital ministries and is an important service we have to give. Please consider being part of this ministry.
The music this Sunday will be very special as our new director of the Young Peoples Music Program Stephen Craig will be present to play the music for the Service and coordinate the singing of the Anthem with the Adult Choir and young peoples. Also Rena Samuel and other family members of the congregation will be singing a special musical offering during communion.
I hope you will all make a special effort to be present for this service and invite your friends and family members to join us. The church will be full of singing and praise to the Lord!

One last note about this Sunday it is Pot luck after the service. Please bring food to share.

Best David Bruce, Chaplain

Dear friends and family of St. Andrew’s

It is that time of year again when so much starts up after a summer away. We are no exception at St. Andrew’s.

September 3rd is the Harvest Festival. There will be a said Eucharist at 10:00 and then the regular eleven o’clock service. Gillian wanted me to remind you that we will need as many on board to decorate the Church on Saturday 2/9 at 9:30 as possible. She will be opening the Church at that time & please bring food, flowers or things to decorate the church! We are having a pot-luck after service on the 3rd so please bring food to share after church 3/9.

As you probably have heard we are going to start up a children’s and young peoples music program as an outreach ministry of our church. The committee appointed Mr. Stephen Craig currently serving as assistant organist at Vasa Kyrka for this enterprise . He is from England and is married with two young children. He plans on doing a Doctorate in Organ Performance and a masters in Choral Conducting at the University of Gothenburg. He has degrees from the University of Wells in England and is a member of the Royal Society of Church Musicians. He specializes in children’s choirs. He played for us on Easter so you will probably remember him from then. More details as things come together.

The choir is preparing an anthem for Harvest Festival which includes children and young peoples voices. Gillian will be working on the piece with the choir on Friday at the first rehearsal starting at 17:00 25/8. On Friday the 1st of September Stephen will be present to work with the children and young people and will accompany the choir on Sunday the 3rd. It is hoped that the children and senior choir would present this piece together. Music will be available at this Friday’s rehearsal and on Sunday.

Finally on Saturday 26/8 there will be a gathering at the Church at two o’clock organized by the Gothenburg Chapter of Democrats Abroad entitled “United Against Hate”. The public is invited for a time to reflect on Racism in Western Culture and this event was particularly motivated by recent events in the United States in Virginia. Music, speakers and personal reflection will be held to raise awareness of racism and its implications. Thank you for your time and consideration to all this. More information on the above will come Sunday during the announcements.

Best David Bruce, Pastor

Dear Friends and Family of St. Andrew’s,

The Church Lottery is now launched and we need to sell as many tickets as possible!  We hope that everyone will consider supporting the lottery and sell as many tickets as possible. Please contact Tomas Freden for tickets — It is our biggest fundraiser & the money raised will be used for some much needed building maintenance. 

The CHOIR is starting up on Friday 18th at 17:00 and we need more ladies!!!  And gentlemen!!  Please phone Gillian if you are interested: the telephone number is 031 – 279270.  If the weather is suitable, this first meeting might be in Gillian’s garden – so please phone her.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Jennifer Abbås, on behalf of the Church Committee