Dear Family and Friends of St. Andrew´s,
One of the things I like about Christmas in Gothenburg is how before the 24th things become so quiet. Stores shut down and the streets have few people on them. Christmas is indeed a family holiday and the activity becomes concentrated in home as preparations are made. Very unlike where I come from where one is inundated with ads like Midnight Madness sales prompting to get that special gift at a drastically marked down price. Here the pre-Christmas hush brings on a sense of quiet expectation as we wait for him to be born in this world.

There are still things to be done I am sure but first I would like to thank all those who did so much to make the Service of Lessons and Carols so special Sunday night. The Church was full and I was greeted by many smiling faces as people left while I stood outside shaking hands.
Please invite your friends who may not have a place to go for church at this time and reach out to those in need or who are lonely. This time of year brings out so many emotions both Joyous and Sad. So reach out to others as God in Jesus comes to us and offers his hand to lead us on the way into the New Year.
With every Blessing,
David Bruce, Chaplain

David Bruce (Chaplain)

I chose blue as that is the colour we will be using this year for reasons I will be getting into later in this message.
Yes it is that time of year again and it seems to come around faster every year as I get older! We all remember when we were children it seemed like it would never arrive and with the excitement building I wondered why my parent’s mood didn’t match mine of joyful expectation. Now I have an idea why as to them it meant another round of making this time of year happy for us kids and it seemed to them that it had been only yesterday.
Yet I don’t think any of us even the most jaded of us can approach this time of year without having those feelings of joyful expectation stir in us as our inner child awakens and we think back to a previous time and those who in the past helped to make this season special for us. Now it is our turn to make it happy for someone else and as we approach and enter into Advent let us remember that this season is one of hopeful and joyful anticipation when we wait for the one for whom this season is all about and comes to give us “life so that we may live it abundantly.” 
In the Prologue of the Gospel of St. John, Jesus is described as the “true light that enlightens every person.” As the light outside continues to diminish we await the coming of him “who is the light of the world.” That light that the darkness could not overcome. 
In the rituals which are part of our worship this season we are reminded of this. We light candles on the wreath as we approach Christmas to light our way against the encroaching darkness. To remind us that the light will return and “will not be overpowered.” The church will be decorated in blue to remind us that God is coming into our lives from the highest heavens and to “dwell among us face to face.” Evergreen will adorn the altar and make up the Advent Wreath to remind us that God’s promises are everlasting. 
So let us enter into the Joyful Expectation of this season and be prepared to receive Jesus face to face as we greet each other with the sign of Peace and Joy at the altar rail as Christ gives himself in love to us in the Eucharist. 
The opportunities for receiving him will be in our church during the following times:
First Sunday of Advent December 3rd, 9 am and Family Service 11 am. 
Second Sunday of Advent December 10th, 11 am.
Third Sunday of Advent December 17th, 11 am. 
Festival of Lessons and Carols December 17th and Wednesday the 20th @ 6 pm. 
Fourth Sunday of Advent December 24th 11 am.
Blessing of the Christmas Creche with the Children.
Decorating of the Church for Christmas Day after church. 
The Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Monday December 25th 11 am.
Commonly called Christmas Day. 
The 1st Sunday after Easter December 31st 11 am. 
Wishing you a Blessed Advent and a Joyful Christmastide. 
One last note, above all this is the time of year for sharing the Good News! Invite your family and friends to come and join us in sharing in the Good News by passing the peace and joining us in participating in welcoming our Lord into our lives. 
A Blessed Advent and Joyful Christmas, David Bruce, Chaplain.

The Nordic Committee for Human Rights – NCHR Symposium will take place at Hotel Scandic Crown, Gothenburg, on September 9, 2017.

The Symposium theme: “The Child’s Human Right to private and family life.”

Everyone is welcome.

Here are the Main pages in English and Swedish.

Main page for The NCHR Symposium 2017

Huvudsida för Symposium 2017

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Ruby Harrold-Claesson at: 08 – 604 46 00 or 031 – 70 20 385.